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AC Heat-Pump & Furnace Maintenance

Residential & *Light Commercial

Put your maintenance on Autopilot.

Yoakum air conditioning in Spring Hill provides the best in class Air Conditioning, Heating, Gas Furnace and heat-pump preventative maintenance.

Lack of regular maintenance on your central AC unit could reduce the life and efficiency by years and possibly void the manufactures warranty.

Many studies have been done indicating lack of planned maintenance is one of the biggest reasons Heating and AC systems fail or breakdown early.

Energy experts, manufacturers, Utility companies and industry professionals all recommend at least an annual Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance service to keep AC, Heat, and Heat-pump systems running efficiently.

Florida summers are hot and humid which means air conditioner and heat-pump systems run long and hard many hours a day in the Spring Hill area.

Example: To keep a home In the Spring Hill area comfortable, your AC unit will run thousands of hours during a year. Many thousands of cubic feet of air travel through the cooling evaporator and outdoor condenser coils. Thousands of times the AC unit cycles on and off. This puts a strain on all electrical wires, connectors, capacitors, motors and compressor. Checking these for lose or burnt connections and correcting it could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars by just replacing a bad terminal or capacitor thats out of range.

A well maintained AC unit will, on average, last you 10-15 years.

A Poorly maintained AC system may only last 5-8 years.

Don’t be fooled, looking at the outside case will not be any indication of the trouble waiting inside!

If you are in the Spring Hill area, call us today to schedule an AC system check or AC Tuneup before the summer maintenance rush begins!

Maintenance of air conditioning system
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*Light Commercial Prices require units to be 5 tons or less, condensers on the ground and equipment to be easily accessible, Call for other pricing.

What you can expect with regular service:

  • Add 3-5 Years to Equipment Life

  • Save 10%-30% on Cooling Costs

  • Improve Your Comfort

  • Reduce AC Unit Breakdowns 

  • Ensure Safe Operation and cleaner indoor air

  • Maintain Manufacturer Warranty Requirements   

   •  Catch Fire Hazards before they                       Happen

  • Catch potential Water Leaks before they cause Damage

Call to sign up for monthly program or schedule your first system check.

Standard System Check
Just $14.95 a Month
 Two tune-ups per year

Good Value

Call Today!

* Check, Adjust operating pressures as needed (Refrigerant Extra)

*Inspect cooling coil if accessible 

*Check safety overflow controls

*Check thermostat operation 

*Clean or replace filter(s) Customer Provided.

*Measure temperature difference at Evap. coil

*Verify air flow  

*Inspect condenser and evaporator coil if accessable

*Measure motor volts and amps

*Inspect condensate drains, clean and add drain tabs. 

*Lubricate all motors as required  

*Inspect electrical connections

Receive 15%

OFF all repairs, Priority Service

and Discounts on new equipment

Full Service Maintenance

Great Value

Call today !

Just $18 a Month
Two tune-ups per year

*Inspect all filters

*Replace filters (customer supplied)

*Check thermostat operation

*Calibrate if design permits

*Inspect indoor Air Handler cabinet for       mold and dirt

*Check for Proper Breakers

*Inspect Vents & Grills for Mold and Dirt

*Inspect Blower Housing, Blower Wheel   and Blower Motor

*Inspect Air Handler Evaporator Coil & apply Disinfectant if accessible

*Check Overflow Safety Switches

*Check Overflow Secondary Pan for Rust     and Pitch (attic only)

*Perform Level 1 silver or 2 Gold Drain Line   and Drain Pan Cleaning

*Add drain treatment to kill Biological slim,   algae and mold

*Inspect Low & High Voltage wiring for   overheating, & Tightness

*Inspect Heater wiring and components

*Check Delta T of air in and out of Air *Handler/coil

*Inspect visible/accessible ductwork

*Check compressor Start Amperage and   Voltage

*Check Run & Start Capacitors for proper   Microfarad

*Check proper refrigerant charge

*Check proper Superheat & Sub-cooling of   Refrigerant

*Check Compressor & Outdoor Fan *Contacts for pitting/wear

*Do Visual Refrigerant leak check for signs of oil

*Check Armor-flex Insulation for excessive wear

*Check outdoor condenser coil

*Check Condenser & Pad Level

Receive 15%

OFF all repairs, Priority Service

and Discounts on new equipment

Yoakum Air Conditioning serves: Brooksville, Spring Hill, Masaryktown,  Hill n Dale, Hudson, Lake Lindsey, Weeki Wachee, Shady Hills, Hernando Beach, Pine Island, Timber Pines, Port Richey, Land O' Lakes, Lutz, Northwest Tampa.
Call for other areas.
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